Much more than a cube, there is the essence of the Universal Self inside these sculptures, with their geometrically perfect shape.

A graphic visualization made of Sound, Color and Number, ancestral symbology that turns itself into Music and Harmony.

Primordial and
refined elements…

Thanks to the versatility of the Q-be cubes, it will be possible to live again the sacred nature of this primordial element in every room, enhanced by the most precious Mirus marbles.

Cubo Q-be

A sculpture where the uniqueness of absolute geometric perfection is contained. Always surprisingly charming, Mirus Q-be cube gives an inimitable style and atmosphere. You will be the one to choose how to use it.

Alone, in pairs, each cube is an exclusive and inimitable piece, with its history written in the veins intertwining that characterizes the texture. Each cube tells the mystery of a millenary existence that has arrived at you.