Sweet (home) Tobacco

It almost seems to touch the warmth emanating from the velvety ocher and marron glacé nuances, contained in these elegant home decor accessories.


Home or different use, your objects will no longer be the same, once placed in Sweet home tobacco holders, they will be surrounded by a unique dance of colors and extrasensorial feelings.

Caramel Roller

Material elements with warm “caramelized” shades, a vortex in perfect synchrony, which will make you vibrate in a true dance of the senses.

The welcoming cylindrical shape makes these objects ideal collectors of everyday objects, which enter into symbiosis with the enveloping marble texture, ready to host them at any time and occasion.

Sweet Square

Thank to the elegance of Giallo Siena and Marron Tobacco marble shapes, this items composition, inspired by the greatest male characters of the history, will give a strong taste to every object.

An hymn to the class of those who have left an unforgettable imprint suspended in time. A memory handed down by the charm of a timeless material like marble.