Marble will be once again the most used material in 2021: from floors and furniture to smaller accessories.

Styles and trends evolve, but marble will always have a special place in the world of furniture, and it is still the top choice of the interior design trends of this year.

Marble has always been an excellent material, used for millennia in construction and interior design all over the world, thanks to its beauty and timeless charm.

The neutral colours and the characteristic veining, make it easy to combine with any style, elevating any environment in elegance.

Whether it’s a minimal design object or a majestic marble top, this fall/winter the key word is “mineral”.

Opaque, bright, from the most neutral to the most daring colors, but all strictly coming from Mother Earth. 

From rock, to stone, to marble, we’re fascinated by the green light of this material coming from nature, which evokes the ancient history of the planet: the cooling and solidification of the earth’scrust over millions of years.